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New Network E-mail (Peering Request)

This template can be used to send e-mail from the Provisioning > Send E-mail To Network view.

The context to these kind of templates only exposes the autonomous_systems variable which contains two objects. The first one (index 0) corresponds to the selected local AS which is an AS as recorded in Peering Manager. The second one (index 1) corresponds to the autonomous system, which is a network as recorded by PeeringDB.


Peering AS{{ autonomous_systems.1.asn }} <> AS{{ autonomous_systems.0.asn }}


Dear {{ autonomous_systems.1 }} peering team,

After doing some traffic analytics, we found out that it might be beneficial for both of us to peer with one another.

{% set shared_facilities = autonomous_systems.1 | shared_facilities(autonomous_systems.0) %}
{% if shared_facilities %}
If you want to establish private peering, it seems both our networks are in the following facilities:
{% for facility in shared_facilities %}
- {{ facility }}
{% endfor %}
{% endif %}

{% set shared_internet_exchanges = autonomous_systems.1 | shared_ixps(autonomous_systems.0) %}
{% if shared_internet_exchanges %}
We can peer on the following IXPs:
{% for ixp in shared_internet_exchanges %}
- {{ ixp }}
{% endfor %}
{% endif %}

If you wish to establish peering with us, feel free to reply to this email and we will figure out what is the best solution.


{{ autonomous_systems.0 }} Peering Team