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Peering Manager

BGP Management And Source of Truth

Peering Manager is an open source solution for modeling and documenting modern BGP networks. It helps in maintaining healthy peering relations with other networks by providing a "source of truth" to configure efficiently BGP sessions. Providing a powerful API and integrating with other industry standard tools such as PeeringDB, Peering Manager is a solid on which network automation can rely.

Built for BGP Networks

Peering Manager has a data model which specifically address the needs of network engineers and operators operating BGP networks. It delivers an assortment of object types crafted to serve BGP design and documentation.

Always Open

Because Peering Manager is an open source application licensed under Apache 2, its entire code base is completely accessible to the end user, and there's never a risk of vendor lock-in. Additionally, Peering Manager development is an entirely public, community-driven process to which everyone can provide input.

Peering Manager Development

Interested in contributing to Peering Manager? Check out our GitHub repository to get started!

Powered by Python

Peering Manager is built on the enormously popular Django framework for the Python programming language, already a favorite among network engineers.

Getting Started


You can help this project in many ways. Of course you can ask for features, give some ideas for future development, open issues if you found any and contribute to the code with pull requests and patches.

You can also support the development of this project by sponsoring it. Developing such project can be time consuming and it is done on personal time. Giving few dollars/euros/pounds/etc... can be a way to say thanks and help to free some time to develop this project.

Spreading The Word

Have a look at the talks about Peering Manager if you want to know more about it and its use cases.