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Export Template

Export templates are meant to export data found within Peering Manager database as a text based format.

Each export template is attributed an object type. For instance, an export template linked to autonomous systems will be generally used to create a text block that will contain some or all details about autonomous systems.

Only one variable named dataset is exposed. It contains all the objects (of the selected type) as an iterable structure.

The template itself leverages the Jinja2 syntax the same way configurations and e-mails do. Therefore Jinja2 filters and extensions (if configured) can be used in export templates. For instance, an export template for autonomous systems can look like:

{% for autonomous_system in dataset | filter(irr_as_set__isnull=False) %}
- {{ autonomous_system.asn }}
{% endfor %}

This template will export all ASNs with an IRR AS-SET defined.

#! /usr/bin/env bash

TMP_FILE="/tmp/librenms_bgp_sessions_$(date --utc +%s).json"

curl ${CURL_OPTS} --header "X-Auth-Token: ${LIBRENMS_TOKEN}" \
  "https://${LIBRENMS_FQDN}/api/v0/bgp" > ${TMP_FILE}

{%- for session in dataset %}

  cat ${TMP_FILE} | \
  jq '.bgp_sessions[] | select(.bgpPeerRemoteAs=={{ session.autonomous_system.asn }}) | select(.bgpPeerIdentifier=="{{ session.ip_address | ip }}")'

  echo "${device_information}" | jq '.bgpPeer_id'

if [ $(echo -n ${session_id} | wc -l) ]; then

    echo "${device_information}" | jq '.device_id'

    echo "${device_information}" | jq '.bgpLocalAddr' | sed -e 's/"//g'

  bgp_description=$(echo -n "IXP Peering: AS{{ session.autonomous_system.asn }} - {{ | safe_string }} - Peering Manager Session ID: {{ }} - LibreNMS Device ID: ${device_id} - Local Device Address: ${local_address}{% if session.service_reference %} - Service Reference: {{ session.service_reference | safe_string }}{% endif %}")

  curl ${CURL_OPTS} --header "X-Auth-Token: ${LIBRENMS_TOKEN}" \
  --data "{
    \"bgp_descr\": \"$(echo -n ${bgp_description})\"
  }" \


{%- endfor %}

Will generate a complete bash shell script that can be run to update BGP Peer descriptions in LibreNMS. The script assumes the LibreNMS token is provided as an environment variable, LIBRENMS_TOKEN. And the Domain Name as LIBRENMS_FQDN. Peering Manager Object Type used for this template is peering | internet exchange peering session. Assumes jq, and curl are installed on the system. (,