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Prometheus Metrics

Peering Manager supports optionally exposing native Prometheus metrics from the application. Prometheus is a popular time series metric platform used for monitoring.

Peering Manager exposes metrics at the /metrics HTTP endpoint, e.g. https://peering-manager.local/metrics. Metric exposition can be toggled with the METRICS_ENABLED configuration setting. Metrics are not exposed by default.

Metric Types

Peering Manager makes use of the django-prometheus library to export a number of different types of metrics, including:

  • Per model insert, update, and delete counters
  • Per view request counters
  • Per view request latency histograms
  • Request body size histograms
  • Response body size histograms
  • Response code counters
  • Database connection, execution, and error counters
  • Cache hit, miss, and invalidation counters
  • Django middleware latency histograms
  • Other Django related metadata metrics

For the exhaustive list of exposed metrics, visit the /metrics endpoint on your Peering Manager instance.