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Peering Manager has a little integration with NetBox to improve workflows regarding devices (routers). In most cases, users of NetBox will prefer to avoid duplicating data from NetBox. For this particular reason, two approaches are proposed to users.

  1. When creating or deleting a router, and when using NETBOX_API, NETBOX_API_TOKEN with a valid values, Peering Manager will propose to the user to select NetBox device from a dropdown list. This only create a link between the two sources of truth in a very basic way.
  2. Another more advanced integration, that can only works if the first one is also active, is to point a NetBox webhook on one of Peering Manager's API endpoint. In this way, Peering Manager will be able to create/update/delete devices based on what NetBox will send. An example of NetBox' webhook is displayed below. The webhook method must be POST, the URL must point to /api/peering/routers/update-from-netbox/ and additional headers must contain the authentication header like Authorization: Token <the token>.

NetBox Webhook

Example of required minimal data for the webhook integration to work (other data won't be used, if included):

    "event": "deleted",
    "data": {
        "id": 1,
        "display": "",
        "name": "",
        "device_role": {
            "id": 7,
            "url": "/api/dcim/device-roles/7/",
            "display": "Router",
            "name": "Router",
            "slug": "router"
        "platform": {
            "id": 3,
            "url": "/api/dcim/platforms/3/",
            "display": "Juniper Junos",
            "name": "Juniper Junos",
            "slug": "juniper-junos"
        "status": {
            "value": "active",
            "label": "Active"
        "local_context_data": null

Note that these integrations haven't been tested with Nautobot.