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Peering Manager v1.1 Release Notes

Version 1.1.0 | MARK I (Features release) | 2019-12-08

New Features


Autonomous System contacts can be synchronised from PeeringDB to use them as recipients for e-mails. Some PeeringDB contacts are hidden and cannot be synchronised if the PEERINGDB_USERNAME and PEERINGDB_PASSWORD are not set in the configuration. For all contacts to be synchronised, clearing the cache then re-synchronising with PeeringDB is required.

When a contact is available for an Autonomous System a Send E-mail tab will be available from the AS view. An e-mail template has to be selected along with a contact to send the e-mail to. E-mail templates can be written following this section of the documentation. An example is also available.


  • #191 - Bulk edit, bulk delete Internet Exchange peering sessions fromAutonomous System view
  • Code testing against Python 3.8
  • #187 - Mock external APIs, softwares and e-mails for unit tests
  • Add configuration options PEERINGDB_USERNAME and PEERINGDB_PASSWORD for PeeringDB credentials
  • Update Bootstreap CSS to v4.4.1
  • Update Select2 to v4.0.12

Bug Fixes

  • #185 - Fix adding the same peering sessions on more than one Internet Exchange
  • Fix version string in the user interface