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Style Guide

Peering Manager uses black combined with isort to enforce coding style.

Enforcing Code Style

The black and isort utilities are used by the CI process to enforce code style. It is strongly recommended to include as part of your commit process.

Introducing New Dependencies

The introduction of a new dependency is best avoided unless it is absolutely necessary. For small features, it's generally preferable to replicate functionality rather than to introduce reliance on an external project. This reduces both the burden of tracking new releases and the exposure to outside bugs and attacks.

If there's a strong case for introducing a new dependency, it must meet the following criteria:

  • Its complete source code must be published and freely accessible without registration
  • Its license must be conducive to inclusion in an open source project
  • It must be actively maintained
  • It must be available via the Python Package Index

When adding a new dependency, a line specifying the package name pinned to the current stable release must be added to requirements.txt. This ensures that pip will install the known-good release and simplify support efforts.