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Coupled with IX-API, Peering Manager can display useful information about your connections to an IXP such as services provided by the IXP (route servers), what an IXP knows about your services (such as service IDs) and connections to the IXP that you already have setup or not. It provides a way to quickly import a connection found in IX-API to Peering Manager.

An IX-API instance can be linked to one or more IXPs inside Peering Manager. To do so, an IX-API object must be created inside the 3rd Party > IX-API section found on the left side bar. You'll have to provide the URL, key and secret as well as an identity (once URL, key and secret are valid) that corresponds to the entity you are representing (e.g. your company). Once done, you'll have to edit the IXP that you want to use IX-API with and select the newly created IX-API object from the IX-API endpoint dropdown list. After saving, an IX-API tab will appear on the IXP view.