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Optional Configuration Settings


Default: 900

The number of seconds to retain cache entries for NAPALM BGP details data before automatically invalidating them. It improves the speed of operations such as polling session statuses. Setting the value to 0 will disable the use of the caching functionality.


PeeringDB API key used to authenticate against PeeringDB allowing Peering Manager to synchronise data not accessible without authentication (such as e-mail contacts).



These settings are deprecated, use PEERINGDB_API_KEY instead.

Username and password used for PeeringDB API authentication.


Peering Manager will use these credentials when authenticating to remote devices via the NAPALM library, if installed. Both parameters are optional but they are required if you want Peering Manager to push configurations to your devices. They can be overriden on a per-router basis.


A dictionary of optional arguments to pass to NAPALM when instantiating a network driver. See the NAPALM documentation for a complete list of optional arguments. It can be overriden on a per-router basis.


Default: 30 seconds

The amount of time (in seconds) to wait for NAPALM to connect to a device. It can be overriden on a per-router basis.


Default: bgpq3

The path to the bgpq3 or bgpq4 binary. By default, Peering Manager will look for bgpq3 in the system PATH. An absolute path to the binary is preferred if you need to change this setting.



The host that will be used by BGPQ3 to look for IRR objects.



A list of comma separated sources from which we will accept IRR objects.


Default: {"ipv6": ["-r", "16", "-R", "48"], "ipv4": ["-r", "8", "-R", "24"]}

A dictionary with two keys: ipv6 and ipv4. Each value must be a list of strings to pass to BGPQ3. No spaces are allowed inside strings. If a string has a space in it, it should be split into two distinct strings.

By default the arguments given will ask BGPQ3 to look for IPv6 prefixes with a mask length greater than or equal to 16 and less than or equal to 48 and for IPv4 prefixes with a mask length greater than or equal to 8 and less than or equal to 24.


Default: None

The NetBox API URL to which the queries must be sent to.


Default: None

The API token registered in the NetBox instance to be used in queries.


Default: False

Turn on or off threading in some API requests.


Default: True

Turn on or off API SSL certificate verification. Turning it off may be useful if you use an auto-generated certificate for the NetBox API.


Default: ["router", "firewall"]

The roles that devices must have in the NetBox instance that will be queried. Incoming webhooks to process will also check if the device role matches one of the list. An empty list will match all devices in the NetBox instance.


Default: [] (empty list)

The tags that devices must have in the NetBox instance from which incoming webhooks will be processed. As soon as one tag matches, the webhook will be accepted.